Winning an argument without losing a friend

19 Dec

Winning an argument without losing a friend

The only way to get best in an argument is to avoid it. Easily said but is not practicable. There are some tips however that would help us to come the better in an argument. You must welcome disagreement. There are always two sides to a coin but in an argument there are several sides. When someone differs from us, we tend to frame our replies even without listening fully. Listening keenly is the first step to put across your view point cogently. As you listen, look for areas where there are broad agreements. One is required to be honest in admitting errors. Mulish behaviour of holding on to erroneous opinions should be eschewed. Where you feel the need to know more on the subject and need time, promise to think over the other man’s ideas and revert. It is always good to show respect for the other person’s opinion. It would be a good strategy to frame your questions in a way making the other say yes, yes. Letting the other person to  feel the idea was his and taking credit is acceptable. Never forget to thank the other guy for the interest he had shown in the subject. Where a decision is required to be taken and there is no agreement, defer the action to think over again.




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2 responses to “Winning an argument without losing a friend

  1. Julie

    December 20, 2008 at 10:32 am

    When an argument erupts between friends, it would be best to let the matter lie for sometime. One of the two should be mature enough to let it remain. And when things are viewable in a better prospect we could put forth the logics and reason and try to make them understand. Of course there are possibilities that we might be the one who needs to understand. After all it is rightly said in an argument – if we win we lose a friend and when we lose we gain an enemy. Nice one thanks for sharing

  2. Parthasarathi

    December 20, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    Thanks,Julie, for reading and for the perceptive comments


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