Readers should encourage neutral dailies

19 Dec

The basic feature of any democracy is freedom of speech and a free press. A controlled press spells doom for the country. The establishment would like the press to be subservient to the ruling clique and throttle others who do not fall into line. The press has a duty to expose and criticise fraud, misdeeds, chicanery of any sort by whomsoever employed. It has only to ensure freedom from commitment of any sort to any vested interests or group save its own conscience. This alone will bring about its usefulness to the society. If it were a poodle to the establishment as we see many dailies, the apolitical readers will have scant respect for their views.A neutral press iis necessarily not a party mouth piece.

 I hear most press in the country are controlled by religious groups through the share holding pattern. I wish the reading public to be discerning and opt for unbiased dailies. They should encourage such press that has certain irreverence to the constitutional authority and established institutions and expresses its views fearlessly. The governments of the day should allow the press  and the media to function freely without hindrance. Threats of any sort have no place in a democracy. Advertisements should not be used to choke the ‘uncommitted’ The media men should not enter into any  partnership with the politicos at the helm by accepting favours for foreign jaunts on quid pro quo basis.

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