Put your ideas to action

16 Dec
I  read this  anecdote in a book on mind power by Harry Lorayne and wish to share with you.

 A violin virtuoso living in America truly believed that he could play so well that he could actually charm a savage beast. despite the warnings and pleas of his friends, he decided he would go  to the jungles of Africa, unarmed, with only his ioln to protect him. He stood in a clearing in the dense jungle and began to play. An elephant picked up his scent, and came charging toward him; but when he came within hearing distance, he sat down to listen to the beautiful music.

A hungry cat sprang from a  tree with fangs bared but it too, succumbed to the music. Soon a lion appeared to join the others. Before long many wild beasts were seated near the virtuoso. He played on, unharmed.

Just then a leopard leaped rom a nearby tree onto the violinist, and devoured him! As he stood licking his  chops, the other animals approached, and asked "Why did you do that? The man was playing such lovely music!"

The leopard cupping his ear, said, "Eh, what’d you say?"

 The point he was covering was that many ideas are are not tried to see whether they work or not though in the anecdote it did but with an unexpected tragic result.What is the earthly use of good music if it cannot be heard and tried upon taming animals,curing the people of their maladies and even for enjoyment?Likewise ideas would remain like  wasted flowers born to blush unseen in the desert air if they are not used. It would always be wise to have some backup that would save us from adverse results like an unseen armed guard covering the violinist.

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  1. Ayesha

    December 16, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    An important message conveyed. Thanks and best wishes.


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